All my ’04-’06 lots of black box poly have
non-ferrous projos. When Wolf Mil Classic was introduced (with ferrous projos) the non-ferrous Wolf …

Navy delays Triton UAS development | Defense Tech
Development of the U.S. Navy’s maritime variant of the Air Force’s Global Hawk, the Triton UAS Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) , will be delayed,

I always took the K as being choppy.
Now the mini Uzi is nice and zesty…

BAE Tapped to Lead Army Micro-Robotic Effort | Defense Tech
The Army has awarded BAE Systems a $43 million cooperative agreement extension to lead the Army Research Laboratory’s Micro Autonomous Systems and

Defense Tech | The future of the Military, Law Enforcement and …
Defense Tech exam­ines the inter­sec­tion of tech­nol­ogy and defense from every angle and pro­vides analy­sis on what’s ahead.

DT Poll: What’s the World’s Best 4.5-Gen Fighter? | Defense Tech
So, we talk about fifth-generation fighters all the time and we’ve even asked for your opinion about them. Well, many of the world’s air forces can’t yet

Yeah, right after I send my personal
and bank account info to someone who emailed me this morning telling me they are willing to split 11…

They switched to washed steel jacket at some point
The early polymer wolf was copper jacket. I’m not sure when they switched to the steel jacket but th…

Re: Selling personaly owned NFA as a dealer.
I’ve sold several guns that were originally in my “personal” collection on Form 3’s after getting my…

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