3/17/2012 10:38:12 PM By Snopczynski: So the only difference is how strong each mount is? They both function The same? That and the American Defense mount will return to zero better than the PA mount if you remove the optic a lot. Both have the quick release lever. I never owned an American Defense mount so I can’t give you a fair review on the AD mount. I can tell you the PA mount quick release does feel a little cheesy but it functions just fine. As long as you follow the direction on how to mount the PA mount, you shouldn’t have any issues. I feel your pain on the choice of optics since there are so many to choose from. That’s why I tried just about all of PA’s red dots so I can get a feel of what type of Red Dot Sight I like. The good thing is that the PA Red Dot Sight sells quickly on EE if you ever want to sell it and the price is very reasonable to begin with. Go with whichever one you like the best that’s within your budget. Snopczynski

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