Harris Ultralight Bipod 1A2H:

Harris Bipod like the one I got at Mounting Solutions Plus is a series of rifle adapter/bipod/stand models created by Harris Engineering which situated in Barlow, Kentucky. The newest one in the long series of Harris Bipods is the Harris Ultralight Bipod Model 1A2H. The best part about this product is that it comes with a detachable type of swivel stud sling which is attached to the fore end of a rifle. There are a few new rifle models in the market which come with two forearm purpose swivel stud slings. The forward sling is used for a bipod while the second swivel stud is generally used as a sling. The sling swivel is detachable to provide ease of use. When you use Harris Bipod, the detachable sling swivel provides the perfect attachment point thereby rendering any requirement of a second sling.

The Suitable Rifle for Harris Bipod:

It is believed that this new model of Harris Bipod is most suitable when used with varmint rifles. This is because the Bipod’s weight has some effect on your shooting. If you are carrying a rifle on the sling and then performing some offhand shooting then the bipod will not interfere with your shooting performance at all. But weight management will always remain a serious issue in case of a very heavy muzzle. This is why Harris Bipod should not be used for any heavy weight rifles.

Manufacturing of Harris Bipod:

The main material used for manufacturing of Harris Bipods is hard alloys and heat treated steel which is finally given an anodized black finish. The legs of the telescope are equipped with very strong recoil springs which help to maintain the point of impact on a target during the shoot and also prevent the rifle from damaging the gun stock. The legs have rubber footing which is pinned onto it. This makes sure that the bipod won’t slip off. The Harris Ultralight Bipod 1A2H has two legs and the total adjustable height is between 13.5 inches to 23 inches. The H in 1A2S stands for High. The mounting area of the bipod is attached with two thin rubber strips and generally provides an appropriate contour for most of the varmint type of rifles and other big sized gaming rifles. The best part about Harris bipods is that they are quite firmly attached with that of the end of the rifle to prevent it from falling off or from losing balance.

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