SureFire X400 LED WeaponLight | MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus
SureFire X400 LED Handgun / Long Gun WeaponLight with Red Laser. X400 The SureFire X400 combines a brilliant white light with a bright red laser aiming device in one …

Surefire 6P | Mounting Solutions Plus
SureFire 6p Overview. There is nothing as reassuring in a dangerous nighttime situation as the feel of a good flashlight at the end of your fingertip, ready to …

July 21, 1925: Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’ Ends With Guilty Verdict
1925: John Scopes, an unassuming high school biology teacher and part-time football coach, is found guilty of teaching evolution in schools, in violation of Tennessee law. Scopes agreed, after some persuading by the American Civil Liberties Union and …

Surefire Flashlights | Mounting Solutions Plus
SureFire G2X Pro Dual-Output LED Flashlight – 320 lumens (G2X-D-BK) Price: $74.99. SureFire G2X Tactical Single-Output Led Flashlight – 320 lumens LED (G2X-C-BK)

John Scopes biography
John Scopes is best known as the Tennessee educator found guilty of breaking the law for teaching evolution in his class room. but his story remains famous as the “Scopes Monkey Trial,” dramatized in the 1960 film Inherit the Wind starring Spencer Tracy.

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