US Gun Safety Instructor Accidentally Shoots Student
Oh the irony. An Ohio man was shot in the arm. At a gun safety class. Michael Piemonte was attending a concealed-carry class with his wife Alison in central Ohio’s Fairfield County over the weekend. Such classes are required for anyone wanting carry a concealed weapon in the state. There were 29 students in the lecture-type class, Piemonte said. He was sitting in the front row. While the instructor was demonstrating a self-defense techniques, the gun went off. The… [CNN, via]

In Indonesia: Challenge is to Keep Out Illegal Guns
Money may be the only constraint when it comes to owning a gun in Indonesia – illegally. To own it legally, strict prerequisites apply. One must be physically and mentally fit, not bad-tempered – based on a psychology test at the national police headquarters – and between age 21 and 65, with no criminal record. Police will also evaluate the need for owning a gun before granting a permit. High-ranking civil servants and senior managers at private firms may be… [Straits Times (Singapore), via]

Officials Foil Gun Smuggling Plan in Ireland
Gardaí and customs in Cork have foiled a plan to smuggle guns to an organised crime gang after they seized two weapons and arrested a man for questioning about the arms find. Gardaí together with customs officers raided a number of houses in the White’s Cross area outside Cork city early yesterday morning and recovered two handguns and a small quantity of ammunition. Gardaí believe the guns and ammunition had been delivered in recent days to the Cork addresses by… [Irish Examiner (Dublin), via]

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July 21, 1925: Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’ Ends With Guilty Verdict
1925: John Scopes, an unassuming high school biology teacher and part-time football coach, is found guilty of teaching evolution in schools, in violation of Tennessee law. Scopes agreed, after some persuading by the American Civil Liberties Union and …

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John Scopes biography
John Scopes is best known as the Tennessee educator found guilty of breaking the law for teaching evolution in his class room. but his story remains famous as the “Scopes Monkey Trial,” dramatized in the 1960 film Inherit the Wind starring Spencer Tracy.

Jesse Ventura and his case against the ‘American Sniper’ book
In one corner, Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor and former pro wrestler. In the other, Chris Kyle, the American military hero who authored “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.” Ventura …

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Steven Spielberg steps down from ‘Sniper’
Steven Spielberg will no longer be taking aim at American Sniper. The Oscar-winning director’s DreamWorks office confirmed reports Tuesday that Spielberg will be stepping down from the adaptation of Chris Kyle’s best-selling autobiography.

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Gun maker Sturm Ruger reports higher sales, profit
Flooding shut down production. The company said repairs were done over the weekend, and production resumed on Monday. Sturm Ruger expects the cost of repairs and lost production to be less than $5 million. Sturm Ruger announced this month that …

Will Sturm, Ruger Earnings Growth Ever Slow Down?
Sturm, Ruger (NYSE: RGR ) will release its quarterly report tomorrow, and as usual, investors have high hopes for the stock. With expectations of further huge revenue gains, Sturm, Ruger earnings should see the massive growth that shareholders …

Gun Sales for Sturm Ruger at Post-1990 Peak Rebut Concern
Sturm, Ruger & Co. (RGR) defied concern that the fading debate over gun control would crimp demand for firearms with its highest quarterly sales since at least 1990. The shares advanced to a four-month high. Second-quarter revenue surged 50 …

Ruger CEO: Gun sales returning to normal levels
Ruger said second-quarter net sales rose 50% to $119.6 million. That translated to earnings-per-share of $1.63, up from 91 cents in the same period last year. Fifer said the results were driven by unusually high sales of firearm accessories …

Ruger CEO lauds Mayodan site to analysts
The CEO of firearms manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. told analysts Thursday that his company’s deal to expand in a 220,000-square-foot factory in Mayodan should be completed in the third quarter, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. The …

Talkin’ to America: Charles Heller speaks about “Project GunWalker”
Charles Heller, on his Liberty Watch Radio talks about his analysis of BATFE’s “Operation Fast & Furious,” which has turned into “Project GunWalker,” supplying guns used in Mexico to murder, including one U.S. Agent, and probably there’ll be another.

Ruger Sales, Profits Skyrocket
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has announced continued record-breaking sales throughout the second quarter of 2013. Their sales have increased by 50 percent over the same quarter last year netting the company millions. “The company reported net …

JPFO’s Executive Director Charles Heller on Armed Armed American Radio.
Charles talks 2A matters with Mark Walters of Armed American Radio, while returning on Monday Sept 26th from the weekend Chicago Gun Rights Policy Conference.

The link supplied is to the sound file itself – or go direct to the Talkin’ to America page. – where there is a player option also.