2/15/2012 12:34:44 AM I have run both Magpul AFG ‘s and VFG’s and after going to Magpul AFG ‘s for a while, then back and forth between the two quite a bit, I find myself back with all VFG’s again. Strangely I find that Magpul AFG ‘s are more comfortable to some degree, but I never really felt that they offered the same level of control, especially when placing pressure rearward as I pull the stock in tight to my body. I run quite a bit on my rail sometimes, and while I have successfully used both in this roll, the VFG just feels better to me. My setup. Chopped down MOE VFG with rail panels; I added some grip to my VFG and rail panels. Works well with callouses or gloves This is my primary grip, I ride the DBAL housing with my thumb. Looks uncomfortable in pictures, but feels rock solid. Here is a secondary grip I use for certain types of shooting and/or positions I only utilize the constant switch on my pressure pad for the RAID, press for ON, press again for OFF My normal grip is very close to the FIRE button on the DBAL, a slight adjustment and I am on top of the button for the laser And finally, should my tape switch fail I can throw the RAID into flashlight mode and utilize the FIRE button on its side to keep the light up and running kkuo12887